How To Avoid A Work At Home Scam

When searching for my first work at home opportunity, I had a really hard time finding something legit. It seemed like everything I found either looked really sketchy or I was making pennies a day.  These people are looking to take advantage of people who just don’t know any better. My goal for this post is to arm you with the knowledge you will need to protect yourself from these scammers.

1.Keep your eyes out for crazy promises. Let’s be realistic, you are more than likely not going to make a ton of money doing nothing. There are ways to earn passive income, however, they typically will not make you rich over night. You want to avoid things that seem too good to be true. More than likely, they are.

2.Look for reviews. There should be reviews for any work at home opportunities. There are actually blogs that are completely devoted to testing out work from home opportunities and reporting on their experiences. Also, do a quick google search. You should be able to find honest reviews about the company.

3.My last tip, has saved me from many sticky situations. I make it a rule that I do not pay money to work. The only thing that is an exception to this rule is that some places do require you to pay for your background check. If they are asking you to pay for a background check it should be around $30. Before entering in your credit card information anywhere, please make sure you research the company thoroughly.

What about you? Have you ever been scammed by someone pretending to be a work at home company? Share your experiences in the comment section!


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